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Lost and Found Pets

Found a Pet
If you find a stray animal and you don't know quite what to do, we can help! All dogs in the City of Guelph are required to have a licence, and cats can also have the same licence and tags. If you have found a pet, please enter 7-digit code on the tag here to lookup the pet's public information. If you can't find the pet's profile or there is no tag, please contact us at 519-824-3091.

A sick or injured stray should be brought to the Guelph Humane Society right away. If you have found a mother and a litter or an orphaned litter, contact us at 519-824-3091 for advice before taking action. Do not move the litter unless they are in immediate danger.

Lost a Pet
If you have lost a pet, please call the shelter or e-mail to file a report. Please include:

  • a detailed description
  • age
  • sex
  • colouring
  • location
  • date lost
  • any other distinguishing features
  • contact information
  • a picture of your pet

You can also file a lost pet report with DocuPet, which issues the City of Guelph's required identification tags. It is as easy as signing into your online account and reporting them lost. This sends a notification to the shelter and local pet owners who have opted in to receiving lost pet notifications.

Licensing your dog and cat (read more), having your pet implanted with a microchip, attaching owner information to your pet's collar, and registering with Helping Lost Pets greatly improves the chance of recovering your lost pet in the event he is lost. Spaying or neutering your pet is also an important and responsible means of managing pet overpopulation.

What is Helping Lost Pets?
Helping Lost Pets is a lost & found animal system that can help return a lost pet back home. The system lists lost and found reports posted within the community and right across North America. You can see a map of the area in which you live - as large or as small an area as you would like to search. You can attach a photo to a lost or found report to help owners and finders determine if the pets match.

Helping Lost Pets is supported by a program called Microsoft Silverlight. Many computers already have this program, however you may need to download the free software to post a lost or found report or register on the site.

You can register with the site and subscribe to receive automatic notifications of pets lost or found in your area. While searching for your lost pet in the community you may be able to help another owner find their pet.

The website has many capabilities, such as lost & found posters, map-based searches, pre-registration for pets and owners, and connections to animal related organizations and businesses - just to name a few.

We still urge you to come down to the shelter and have a look in our stray room.

I don’t have access to the internet. What can I do to search for my pet?
Check to see if a family member, a friend or a neighbour can assist and file a lost report on the website for you. This will ensure you can connect with someone holding an animal in the community as well as animals turned in to the shelter.

Visit the shelter a minimum of every 3 days, or more often if you are able.

Why should I pre-register on Helping Lost Pets?
Pre-registering yourself and your pet on Helping Lost Pets is another tool to assist you in recovering your pet. Your information will already be in the system prior to your pet becoming lost, so the recovery process is fast tracked. Helping Lost Pets has a mobile application for Android phones. If you are out with your pet and he becomes lost, you can quickly use the mobile application to report your pet as missing. The following procedures are in place to help re-unite owners with their animals in a timely manner and to ensure the safety of the animals, staff and visitors at the shelter.

As the owner of a lost pet, what do I need to do when I come to the shelter?

  • do not touch any of the animals when searching the kennels to keep disease transmission to a minimum. It is recommended that when possible young children stay in the lobby area for their safety.
  • pay for any impound and boarding fees for each day your pet is in the shelter. All fees must be paid at the time you claim your pet. We accept Cash, Debit, VISA, and MasterCard.
  • purchase a City of Guelph Dog License before a dog is released from the shelter if it is not already licensed.
  • have a leash or carrier at the time you claim your pet.
  • understand it is your responsibility to search for your missing pet.

Is there anything else I do to search for my lost pet?

  • visit the shelter on a regular basis, no more than every 3 days
  • post a free Lost Report through Helping Lost Pets
  • file a Lost Report with all Animal Shelters in the area of where your animal was lost. (Staff can supply you with a list.)
  • if your pet is microchipped, verify your contact information with the microchip company
  • check the local newspapers for Found Animal ads
  • post a Lost Animal ad in the local newspapers
  • check and post on other lost & found websites such as Kijiji, PetLynx, Craigslist, etc.
  • print free Lost Posters from Helping Lost Pets and with permission post them in area stores, vet clinics and schools
  • place Lost Posters on neighbours doors asking them to check garages, sheds and under porches
  • update your Lost Report if you locate your pet outside of the shelter (Helping Lost Pets will send reminder e-mails to update your report)

What will Guelph Humane Society Staff do to help me find my pet?

  • make every effort to contact you if your pet is found and has a current microchip and/or an identification tag;
  • provide you with information to file a Lost Report on the Helping Lost Pets website;
  • scan and check all stray animals (alive or deceased) for a microchip, tattoo and/or identification tag; and
  • follow-up on all identification found on an animal and contact the registered owner.
  • check all lost reports filed on Helping Lost Pets

Will there be any Veterinarian Expenses?
While your pet is in our care, we make every effort to ensure its safety and health care. It may be necessary for a Veterinarian to examine and/or treat your pet. You, as the owner, are responsible for any expenses incurred by the Humane Society.

Can my pet contract a disease while in the shelter?
We have high standards in our cleaning protocol, however if your pet has been in the shelter, it may have come into contact with viruses causing Parvo, Distemper, Kennel Cough, or Upper Respiratory Infections, etc…Your best defence is to make sure your pet is vaccinated. Please monitor your pet’s health closely, and consult your Veterinarian.

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